The internet was a spectacularly boring place in January 2003. There was no YouTube, no BuzzFeed, no Facebook, no Twitter. Fuck all, basically.

Back then, people used to write blogs and other people used to read them. You had to seek them out, through blogrolls, and long lists of links, and emailing things to your friends, because Google was still pretty rubbish too.

One of the things people used to read was lowculture (yes, we really did style it like that, because that’s the kind of stupid thing you did in those days), which was a website invented by me so I had somewhere to write about Holby City and Coronation Street.

Everything was great until one day, about ten years later, the whole bloody lot got infected by “bots” and fell right off the internet, never to be seen again. And I was having a bit of a bad time (some stuff was happening, I nearly died) so I never got around to bringing it back.


Because, frankly, I have still got a lot to say about Holby City and Coronation Street, and this seems like as good a place as any to say it.

So hello. I am Paul, and I am lowculture. Hope you like it.

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