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22 random screencaps I found on my phone that pretty much tell the ENTIRE story of Coronation Street in 2016

1. We were supposed to believe that Carla wanted to marry Nick, but her face told a different story.

2. In fact, nobody seemed to believe it would actually happen – not Carla, not Nick, not David, and certainly not the viewers. (It didn’t happen).

3. Gail didn’t even have time to worry about it – she was too busy predicting Brexit and Donald Trump.

4. Phelan came back and everyone (ie me) thought he would be terrible but he was actually brilliant and is now one of the best things about the show.

5. Rita got a part-time job during the adverts, playing the Workplace Pension.

6. Chesney celebrated his 14th consecutive year of just wandering from set to set in search of a storyline. He’s still looking.

7. Poor Les Dennis spent most of his time pretending to clutch his chest in agony. It was November before Michael finally expired.

8. Maria came back and announced she was married to a gay man. Immediately after this, a lesbian fell in love with her. What are the chances, eh?

9. Mary wore THIS hat.

10. Jenny Bradley became QUEEN OF EVERYTHING.

11. Nobody was quite sure whether Nick was having a heart attack or an orgasm.

12. The Platts started running everywhere together in a line, like the gang in Scooby Doo.

13. We all still missed Deirdre.

14. Todd and Billy had the most gloriously filthy gay snog in soap history.

15. Derek Griffiths off Heads and Tails turned up to romance Audrey, which was lovely as she’s had a crush on Luke for ages and he’s basically a silver fox version of him.

16. Michelle went FULL BREXIT.

17. Tim felt inadequate in the face of Sally’s croquembouche.

18. There was a storyline about Beth being a bigamist but I think we’re all agreed that we’re just never going to mention that again.

19. They finally worked out how to shoot that rotten new set so it looks half decent.

20. There wasn’t a dry seat in the land when Peter Barlow came back and flashed us all THAT cheeky grin.

21. Sharon Watts took over the Rovers for one night only.

22. We learned that Maria has a FRAMED PICTURE OF HER AND GAIL up in her flat for some reason.

WHAT a year! Bring on 2017!

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