The Divas Of Melodifestivalen: Schlager 101

The divas of Melodifestivalen: Schlager 101

This weekend marks the start of Melodifestivalen 2016, Swedish television's annual search to find the song and artist that will represent their nation at the Eurovision Song Contest. The Swedes take this process more seriously than most. Melodifestivalen is a six-week long tour round the country in which an eclectic mix of major pop stars, exciting newcomers and legendary old turns slug it out in a glitzy arena spectacular that is the top-rated show on Swedish telly. The sheer spectacle of…

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Really Not Phelan This

Really not Phelan this

Last night's Coronation Street saw the return of Pat Phelan, who is surely one of the most despicable characters in the entire history of the show. When Phelan last appeared,…

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