The return of your Eurovision expert

¡HELLO BABIES! It is I, Gigliola, your expert in Eurovision. There have been too many years since the last time to share with you my gushings, but as lowculture shall return then so must I, whether you wish it or not.

And what a happy day for my revival! The BBC have finally decided to allow the British public to choose the entry of the Eurovision Song Contest once again!

I am delighted that is the case, as I remember it well happy options from previous years – although the last time they did choose Josh Dubovie singing That Sounds Good To Me. Well it did not sounding good to me but perhaps that is the fault of my tired old ears!

As usual, fans of Eurovision is unhappy about something, and this time is that the competition can be seen on BBC4 and not on BBC1 cousin. I do not see that this is much to complain about. All nations now have digital television and everyone who wants to can participate in the group pleasuring. And as the semifinals will be on BBC4, then the Eurovision family will all be together in love.

Now I return I will visit regularly to give you all the most important news of Eurovision, so beware of Gigliola!

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