Tracy’s type

Lots of excitement on Interflora’s Twitter account this evening. They’ve just kicked off a year-long product placement deal with Coronation Street which has seen Tracy Barlow’s pawn shop transformed into a florists.

It’s just possible there’s a less appealing character to be the “face” of your company’s expensive promotion than scheming, manipulative and generally quite unpleasant Tracy. But it’s a struggle to imagine who that might be – with the possible exception of scheming, manipulative and generally quite unpleasant Todd. Luckily, he’ll be working in the shop as well.

Putting all that aside, there’s a much bigger issue here – namely, the absolute state of the sign above Tracy’s new enterprise.

I mean, look at it. You could drive a tram through the gap between the N, the apostrophe and the S – and all without crashing it.

Also, is there any particular reason that “Flowers” and “Gifts” are aligned centre while “Cards” is ranged right? STAY WOKE, TRACY.

And don’t even get me started on the fact that “Bouquets” is in smaller type than the others, when they could easily have kept things nice by switching it with “Cards”.

Let’s just gloss over the choice of font altogether, eh, because it’s late and we’ve all had a bit to drink and it’ll just get nasty otherwise.

Kinder souls than I have suggested that the Corrie props department carefully include all these graphic and typographic irritations to reveal new and very real truths about the characters and their poor life choices. But I’m having precisely none of that.

Anyway, all the best of luck to Tracy, and Interflora, on their new joint venture. They’re sure to do a roaring trade when Carla and Nick’s wedding comes around in the last week of May – both for the ceremony, and the funerals of all the people who die at it.

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